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Item 16759120-2008_030_009_Epa_ARC.tif Scaraboid Intaglio with a Sphinx and Palmette Tree of Life
Item 16758776-2010_049_064A_Bpa_ARC.tif Incantation Bowl
Item 16758780-2010_049_260_Bpa_ARC.tif Oil Pourer
Item 23161189-2012_032_001_Hpa_ARC.tif Presentation Scene Seal
Item 16758801-2010_049_594E_Bpa_ARC.tif Sickle Sherd
Item 16758777-2010_049_058_Bpa_ARC.tif Brick
Item 16759038-2010_049_130_Bpa_ARC.tif Head of a Man
Item 16759039-2010_049_130_Dpa_ARC.tif Head of a Man
Item 16759040-2010_049_130_Fpa_ARC.tif Head of a Man
Item 11007558-2005_064_001_Fpa_ARC.tif Female Idol