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Item STO.XL.00896.01-ZFS.jpg Head of Amun-Re with Feather Crown
Item MET.MM.00894.01-ZFS.jpg Statuette of a Seated Cat
Item MET.XL.00831.01-ZFS.jpg Statue of Horus
Item WOD.XL.00639.03-ZFS.jpg Face from a Coffin Lid
Item PLA.XL.00638.06-ZFS.jpg Gilded Mummy Mask
Item MET.XL.00669.05-ZFS.jpg Votive Statuette of Neith
Item WOD.XL.00646.02-ZFS.jpg Coffin Board of a Woman
Item STO.VL.01184.01-ZFS.jpg Stela of the Standard Bearer, Smen
Item GLS.LL.00714.03-ZFS.jpg Coil Neck Pitcher
Item PLA.XL.00558.02-ZFS.jpg Gilded Cartonnage Mummy Mask and Trappings