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This tiny fiber portrait of a woman is about 1,000 years old and comes from a Chancay [chahn kai] tomb on the central coast of modern-day Peru. The body is constructed of reed bundles wrapped in thread; under the skirt the legs and individual toes…

The owner of a mastaba tomb is shown here sitting on a stool supported by a carved representation of cow legs, which stand on little trapezoidal pads. The seat of the chair ends in carved papyrus heads, often used as decorative terminals in…

Cats were associated with the goddess Bastet and revered as protectors of the home. Great quantities of mummies of cats were left at cult centers of the goddess at Saqqara and other cult sites in the Delta and Middle Egypt.

X-rays reveal that…

The scale and style of this extraordinarily sensitive figure recall decorative sculpture found in grander private homes in Hellenistic Greece, such as the Houses of the Five Statues or of the Diadoumenos on Delos. Her identity is not certain. She…


The big men, or "kings", of the various cultures of the Lagoons region of coastal Côte d'Ivoire have, since at the least the seventeenth century, displayed their wealth in the form of gold pendant ornaments and figurines made using the lost-wax…


This outer coffin lid is part of a lovely nested set of coffins belonged to a woman named Iawttayesheret, also call Tayesheret. The daughter of Padikhnum and Tadiaset, Iawttayesheret was the great follower of the Divine Adoratrice of Amun, and…

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