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The main scene on the body of this baroque krater juxtaposes two episodes from the night that Troy was sacked by the Greeks. The temple in the center is sacred to Athena, as indicated by the cult-statue of the goddess (Palladion). The goddess…


This commanding relief sculpture would have originally stood in the entrance to a doorway to a tomb chapel. It depicts the tomb owner, identified by the hieroglyphic inscription above, as "Nykateti, overseer of the palace physicians and scribe of…



This coffin appears to have been made for a priestly official in the temple of Amun at Karnak, but it was never finished. The hieroglyphic text that would have recorded the name of the owner was left blank, although it does bear the titles of priest…

It is possible that performances of a tragedy by the Athenian dramatist Euripides inspired the picture on this krater. His play Melanippe the Wise survives today only in fragments, but from an ancient summary of the plot we are able to reconstruct…


The indigenous Central Andean aristocracy became known to the Spanish invaders as orejones or "big ears" because they wore such enormous, impressive earrings. Dating to perhaps 300 years before contact with the Europeans, this spectacular pair of…

Signed, bottom right, "Wm. Hogarth invt. pinxt. et sculpt."
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