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The main scene on the body of this baroque krater juxtaposes two episodes from the night that Troy was sacked by the Greeks. The temple in the center is sacred to Athena, as indicated by the cult-statue of the goddess (Palladion). The goddess…

This mask represents an idealized woman. Danced only by initiated men, its performances express concepts about ideal womanhood, physical beauty, and moral human behavior. The Mfon ekpo mask represents a physically beautiful and morally pure young…

A thickly rolled fillet around the woman's head draws attention to the sitter's performance of occasional and probably ancestral liturgical obligations as a priestess; its ends rest lightly on her shoulders. Behind, her hair is plaited and arranged…



The kingdom of Benin, located in the modern state of Nigeria, is notable for its rich repertoire of ceremonial and ritual objects that support the institution of divine rulership. They are typically crafted from precious materials such as brass and…



What makes this particular object difficult to classify is the wooden bottle-shape. Though there are many examples of calabash bottles, this is a carved wooden bottle woth a hole in the bottle that has been plugged and a carved hole on the side. The…
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