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This embroidered cloth is sometimes called "Kasai velvet" after the region of the Democratic Republic of Congo from which they originate and the cut-pile technique of their manufacture. The underlying raffia structure is woven by men on upright looms…

The Izzi Igbo, who traditionally lived in the northeastern part of Igboland, annually performed Okperegede, a multiple-character masquerade "play". Masked characters ranged from the amusing or satirical to the stately and powerful. The last and most…


Mambila painted screens, called baltu, are extremely rare and fragile objects. Painted in natural pigments on a wooden canvas of porous raffia palm pith, these screens once decorated small communal shrine houses. These shrines served as storehouses…


This extraordinary stone relief depicts a serene and powerful goddess overcoming Mahisha, the buffalo-demon of illusion. As the myth tells us, Mahisha had defeated all the gods. In response, the gods chose to concentrate each of their energies into a…

Tobacco is an important crop in the Grassfields area of Cameroon. This pipe creatively incorporates an elephant into the design. The animal's head forms the pipe stem and the trunk and horns make a tripod upon which the pipe bowl rests.

In the…
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