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Colored stones were used in antiquity not just for domestic vessels, but also for furniture and even architectural elements. Here, a gray-white marble with purple inclusions known as pavonazzetto has been employed for a table support. It takes the…

Signed by the artist and numbered 41/90 in graphite on reverse.

Epa headdress masks perform in biannual festivals held in Ekiti, Igbomina, and Ijesa communities of northern Yorubaland. During the Epa festival the history of a town is celebrated with the display of numerous masks. Each headdress is a memorial to…




Bridgman once explained the attraction that North Africa held for him, saying, "I was born in Alabama, and I have naturally followed the sunlight." He left America in 1866 to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris with the celebrated painter of…

Hemba janus figures, or kabeja, consisting of a man and woman back to back may have been used in ancestor worship or fertility rituals, for protection, and as a symbol of power and prestige. The representation of the joined man and woman embodies the…

From the History of Noah
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