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In addition to being functional, mirrors, capturing the likeness of an individual, were thought to be haunts of the soul. The word for life, ankh, is the same as that for mirror. Most mirror disks in the New Kingdom were of highly polished bronze, so…

What is commonly referred to as the "Egyptian Book of the Dead" is a collection of spells dealing with the passage of the deceased through the Underworld. Incantations of this type were first found carved on the walls of burial chambers in the royal…

The powerful regenerative symbolism of the scarab accounts for its popularity as a funerary amulet. Large winged scarabs were sewn onto mummy wrappings or incorporated into bead-net shrouds. These compositions could be made out of faience or…





This fragment of papyrus is only a small section of a longer roll containing excerpts from the "Book of the Dead." The spells and illustrations in the "Book of the Dead" were intended to guide the deceased on the perilous journey into the afterlife.…

"I, Nabopolassar, King of Babylon, the appointee of Nebo and Merodakh as for Imgur-Enlel, the Great Wall of Babylon, which before weakened and settled on its original base, I firmly [set] its foundation wall...[missing] a mountain its summit I…
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