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Animals playing musical instruments appear in Egyptian art from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Period. The baboon crouches on his hind quarters and plays a lute, an instrument that was introduced in the New Kingdom. Composed of spotted faience, this…

This jug is composed of green, free-blown glass. The body is spherical with a cylindrical neck and a funnel mouth. An applied ring is below the rim and a thick applied festoon rests low on the neck. The ribbon strap handle is pulled up from the…

The Egyptian ruler Sety I was buried with over 1000 shabtis of different materials, many of which are found in Egypt and museums around the world. When the king’s tomb (KV 17) was discovered by Giovanni Belzoni in 1817, he found shabtis strewn…

The worship of the goddess Neith began as early as the third millennium BC and continued until the end of the pharaonic era. She was a complex deity who was a warrior goddess, a creator goddess, a mother goddess. As a funerary goddess, she is…




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